How to Get An Australian Study Visa?

Are you planning to study in Australia? If so, then you are surely going to need to apply for an Australian student visa. 

In this write-up, you will get to know the whole process of getting an Australian study visa

If you have planned to go in for a short program, say for about 12 weeks, going in for a tourist visa is a very good option. But, to pursue a university education and for all other programs, you will need to apply for a student visa

1.  Apply In Australia and Get a CoE

Before actually applying for a student visa to Australia, you must get enrolled at an Australian university/college. On filling in the application, once you are done with the enrollment, received the offer letter and done with the tuition fees of the study program, the university/college will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment.

The CoE is considered as the initial document while applying for the Australian study visa. 

Create an Account with Australia immigration authorities 

Today, people are normally applying online for the Australian study visas. So, before you apply for your visa application, you need to create an account. 

While creating the account, you just need to submit your name, contact details, etc. after which you will have to create a new password.


2. Have All Your Documents Ready with You

To apply for the student visa, the following are the documents you need to be ready with. 

  1. The CoE
  2. An Overseas Student Health Cover insurance
  3. A passport which needs to be valid for your stay in Australia
  4. Proof of temporary stay. In your application, you will need to specify that you are only planning for a temporary stay in Australia.

Depending upon the situation, there are some additional documents that you would require. Some of these are: 

– Additional id proofs such as birth certificate

– Evidence that you are capable of financing your education such as the bank statement 

– Proof that you are skilled enough to pass your further studies, such as IELTS TRF & certified report cards. 

– Proof of last employment such as payslips etc. 

Once you fill in your nationality, you will get a complete list of documents required for Australia study visa

If you are applying online, you must know that all the documents are there in the digital format. Once you have uploaded all the documents, you can save the application. 

3. Complete the Visa Application Process Online

Keep in mind that you are submitting your application during the early 124 days before your study program starts. 

While applying online, on the initial page, you need to fill in the nationality and CoE codes. 

After that, you will need to fill in your details, details of the family & about health and criminal record. Don’t forget to save the online application form. 

4. Pay the Visa Fee and Get a TRN-Number

On completing your application you need to pay the application fee which depends upon your choice of course. 

After the application and payment are done, you will receive a receipt with a TRN-number i.e. the Transaction Reference Number. Also, save the TRN-number as it will help you in checking the status of your application.

5. Possible Health Checkup and Interview

Depending upon where you will live, there are chances that you need to go for a health checkup and/or for the visa interview. You will get to know about all this once you are done with the application. 

6. Get Your Visa Decision

After you have applied, you have to wait for the visa decision which depends upon the Australian immigration authorities. In an ideal situation, you get your decision in one or two weeks after you have submitted your application. Small white miniature of an airplane on background of blue sky


Miniature toy airplane in female hands. Trip by airplane. Conceptual image for travel and tourism.


7. Travel to Your Dream Country – Australia

On receiving your Australian study visa, you are all set to enter into your dream place 90 days before the course begins as of the confirmation of enrolment. If you are still left to book accommodation by the means of your college. 

Usually, you have the right to stay in Australia for about 30 days after the completion of your course. Each limit of the stay and the course will be mentioned in your visa. 

This was a detailed explanation of how to get an Australian study visa. 


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