All About Studies in Canada During COVID-19 Outbreak

In the year 2019, around 650000 international and post-secondary students were hosted by Canada. Every year around 50000 students tend to become permanent residents. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a lot of queries that arose in the minds of students. The government officials, colleges, and universities in Canada are trying to answer all the queries of the aspirants.

The outbreak created a lot of issues for everyone. The wake of COVID-19 made things more complicated especially for the students who were planning to go abroad for further studies in Canada, planning to apply for study visa, and the ones who had already applied for the study visa before the breakdown of the pandemic.

If you want to apply for a study visa or looking for studying in Canada then there are some things that should know in the time period of a pandemic.

Air Travel

If you are one of those students who possess a valid study visa then you can easily travel to Canada no matter where in the world you are from. If you have got an approval for the study visa on or before 18th March 2020, then you are completely exempt from all types of restrictions.

In order to travel by air, you need to pass a medical check-up before you fly to Canada. Even if you have no symptoms of Covid-19 you will have to get yourself quarantined for the time period of 14 days once you reach Canada. According to the rules of government officials of Canada, every outsider has to be quarantined for the respective number of days.

If you have got a study visa on or after 19th March 2020, then you will not be permitted to travel to Canada. But the good news is that you can still apply for a study permit. In order to do so, firstly you will have to get yourself enrolled in a Canadian college or university. Also, you need to prove that you are able to pay your expenses, tuition fees, and all other forms of living expenses.

Once all the formalities related to the approval of the study visa gets completed, you will be permitted to travel to Canada.

Priority is given to the process of a Study permit

The government has started giving priority to the students who have submitted a whole study permit application online. If you are not able to get your application all at once, then there is no need to worry as you can still take the benefits by following a 2- stage process.

Right now, it may be difficult to complete the paperwork formalities because of which the government officials have initiated a temporary 2 stage approval process.

Process of study visa approval

  • Approval in process

The Canadian college or university has accepted you, you possess funds to cover your fees and expenses and you are totally eligible for a study permit.

  • Studying online

You can initiate your course from your home country. As per the government rules, this period will be counted towards your PGWP.

Last and final approval

Once you have completed all the formalities and have fulfilled all your requirements, you will be able to get a final approval stamp.

The formalities and requirements include the following:

  • The requirements related to the eligibility and your admission in the college or the university
  • Submission of all the significant documents in addition to the biometrics, medical examination by the immigration, and the police certificate.

PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permits)

Deferring the acceptance from the college or university

Due to the pandemic, there are numerous students who are concerned about the uncertainties. That is why; they tend to defer their acceptance to the college or the university. It means that though the students have received their offer letter they have chosen to delay a year till the time everything settles down.

With the changes that are made in PGWP, students can start studying right away because half of the program can be completed from their home country. Also, the good thing is that online studying won’t affect their working in Canada after the completion of the course

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