Why Study In Germany?

Germany being one of the most popular destinations is becoming a magnet for international students from all over the world. Many international students prefer Germany to move in and study. Germany is full of top-ranked universities and higher education Institutes providing many courses from all fields of life. These institutions are not only highly respected but also provide globally value degrees helping students from abroad with a high education and employment rate that too at reasonable and affordable costs of living. And on top of that, besides teaching, you have the long and rich history, with mind-blowing landscapes, vibrant lifestyle and the mixture of both urban and rural areas which are inevitably going to take your breath away. This is the main reason why every year, thousands of students/scholars coming from all around the globe trust in German Education and universities.

Reasons why you should study in Germany?

1) German Universities offer top quality education with exemplary teaching and research and more than 400 higher education institutions all over the country Germany is above the education standards globally. Among the 400 institutions, 106 of them are universities and many of them combined have been consistently ranked among the best in the world and are of great value for students trying to make it big for themselves and their future not only the best but even some of the oldest universities worldwide can be seen in Germany. They offer more than 14,000 different educational programs including all bachelors and masters degree.

(2) Not only will you earn an internationally renowned degree but it will also help you with outstanding prospects on the global labor market. Many study programs combine theory and practice in their courses and create this mixed course which is the best for sustaining all needs for students to grow as German universities provide outstanding academic programs and offer a range of attractive and practice-oriented options. Universities and staff provide high quality and updated education in Engineering, medicine, science, and economics. Many International courses in Germany are taught in English as well, so knowing German to study is not mandatory but is recommended.

(3) Germany offers you to make the most of yourself with determination and commitment you succeed both during and after your studies by even providing scholarships like DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) which helps students greatly.

(4) The low and affordable costs of living are also the main reason why Germany is such a profound country as higher education has become a necessity due to the need of more and more professionals, thus you will notice that Germany is the only country where universities and institutions do not charge any tuition fee. The decision came in 2014, stating that all international students attending a public university in Germany will be free from paying standard tuition fees, and they will only have to spend few administrative costs like student contribution, student union fee and transportation, which can only cost around 250Euros. Many states have zero tuition fees and some costs a maximum of 400 to 500 Euros. Rent is the significant financial concern you will have to tackle when studying in Germany. However, there are many options available for housing; overall it is not that expensive. You can also share a room which helps indirectly cutting your expenses in half.

(5)  Even working in Germany is one of the safest prospects ever, as compared to other countries. It is easy to move around the countryside; even it is day or night. Germany offers political and economic stability. International students are allowed to stay for a year after graduation, so as they can look for a job, as Germany provides all sorts of work opportunities for successful students. As an international student, you are allowed to work for 90 days or 180 half working days in a year to support or fund your education. Any typical job can help any student land up with 10 to 15 Euros per hour.

(6) Discovering the beauty and diversity of Germany is one of the best things there are to witness. Whenever students get time off study, there are a million ways to find more about Germany every day. Museums, cinemas, theater, gardens, beaches, lakes, mountains and every beautiful landscape can be witnessed in Germany. You can have the chance to see one of the most developed countries in the world with all the unique and diverse culture including the world famous Football league Bundesliga. You can travel the whole of Europe on student Visa.

7) Germany being one of the most powerful economies and the German language, the most spoken native language in Europe gives you many good reasons to start learning a new language. Learning something new is always a new adventure and helps in the making of a creative mind.

Germany will give you countless reasons to visit and study there. So make it feel like home and have the most amazing and blessed life in Germany.

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